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Elaine Primary School

Staying Safe Online

Why do we like the internet?

• It is interesting and fun

• We can learn a lot from the internet

• We use it for our school work

What are the dangers of children going online?

• We could see or hear things that are not suitable for children

• People on the internet can pretend that they are someone else

• People could ask for personal information, which is dangerous

• Not everybody on the internet is kind

Why do we need an e-safety policy?

• To keep children safe whilst also having fun using the internet at home and at school

• To make sure children know what to do if something on the internet makes them worried

How do we keep children safe when they use the internet at school?

• The grown-ups are always watching us when we use the internet at school

• The grown-ups explain to us how to use the Internet safely

• Our school filters the search results so that it is ok for children to see

If children have a problem when they are online what should they do?

• Keep calm and tell a grown up straight away

• Stay on the page so a grown up can see what has made us feel worried/upset

• Block and report anyone that is being unkind

What should they not do?

• Do not keep worries to yourself

• Do not be unkind back to anybody

• Do not delete messages

• Do not switch off the computer without telling a grown-up

Our internet rules are:

• We ask permission before using the internet and we only use websites that a grown-up has told us to use

• We never share our passwords with anyone else

• We must never give anyone our personal information

• We need to tell a grown up if we see or hear something that makes us upset or worried

• We will never look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant or nasty

Apps to help children stay safe online

Online safety and guides to using apps and games safely (it might be worth uploading the guides relevant to the context of the school)

The BBC have a website and app called Own It. The website has a lot of content for children to help them navigate their online lives, and the free smartphone app comes with a special keyboard which can intervene with help and support in the moments that children need it the most. It can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

SafeToNet is an app for parents to help them safeguard their children from online risks like cyberbullying and sexting, whilst respecting their child’s rights to privacy. The SafeToNet Foundation is providing UK families with free access to 1 million licences during coronavirus.