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Elaine Primary School

Pupil Leadership

We believe the best schools have a pupil lead culture where children take on key leadership roles and get their voice heard. We wholeheartedly value the work of our pupil leaders, using it to shape the teaching and learning that happens at our school. We are moulding leaders of the future, ready for work, ready for the world. We strive to craft confident and articulate leaders who can share their views to any audience and apply their leadership skills to real life situations.

The aim of the various teams within the Pupil Leadership Team is to enable children the chance to have leadership within the school, ensuring that their voices and opinions are heard. We are a pupil lead school, regularly receiving pupil voice to make improvements. Therefore, we are giving the children the opportunity to assist with those improvements along the journey.

At Elaine, we actively encourage children to challenge, discuss and debate issues which are important to them.  Our children feel safe to share their opinions and viewpoints.  This is gathered through pupil voice surveys, learning walks and a pupil voice suggestion box.  The feedback the junior leadership team receive from their peers is discussed at regular junior leadership team meetings and then acted upon accordingly.  Members of the junior leadership team are assigned different roles and oversee their own sub teams, which are supported by a linked member of staff.  These teams monitor aspects of the school including the curriculum, the behaviour and wellbeing of pupils at our school and our school environment.  To align with our global curriculum, our leaders champion an eco-friendly approach to our school environments.

Junior Leadership Team (JLT)

The Junior Leadership Team (JLT) is comprised of children across the school, consisting of a range of roles and responsibilities for leading different parts of school or areas of the curriculum. Year 6 children have lead roles, overseeing sub teams as well as the overall JLT. Children across the school can then apply for a role on the JLT by submitting a letter of application to the JLT. They are then invited to interview for their preferred role where they are required to give a presentation as to why they would be the best candidate. The application and interview process encourages the children to develop their oracy skills and allows them to demonstrate their passion and commitment to the school, as well as teaching them an important life lesson.

Successful candidates work alongside members of the school’s Leadership Team and Senior Leadership Team in order to: plan and organise events, take part in monitoring and assessment of their curriculum area/key stage, promote the school at events such as the new EYFS parents meeting, support teaching and learning across the school and be role models for others.

We have sub teams in:

  • Character Skills team
  • Charities team
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion team
  • Excellence team
  • Sports team

Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders are a group of elected children from KS2 classes. They are trained in participating in active play, being team plays and engaging in restorative justice. They work with the staff on the playgrounds to ensure children are happy and safe on the playgrounds. Play Leaders run games with children in the playground, along with ensuring the quiet area is engaging with quiet activities for all children to enjoy.

Club Leaders

We actively encourage children to take a leading role in organising and running clubs across the school to other children. By taking ownership of a curriculum area, they use their knowledge and skills to develop the knowledge and skills of others.

So far, we have:

Art Club - this is where children engage in a range of art skills to produce a range of art outcomes

Media Club - this is where children use a range of technology to write book reviews, create PTAs, invent their films and images and more