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Elaine Primary School

Ofsted and Performance Information

'Pupils are happy and feel safe at Elaine Primary School. The relationships between pupils and teachers are respectful. Pupils described their teachers as being helpful and interested in them.'

Elaine Primary School was inspected on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd of September 2022. We are pleased to share that our report has now been published and Elaine Primary School has been judged as a ‘Good’ school.

'Pupils benefit from a very ambitious curriculum. Leaders have made reading a high priority. As a result, most pupils quickly become confident and fluent readers.'

This is a huge achievement for the school and the community and a clear recognition that the hard work of all members of the school community continues to impact positively on the lives of all Elaine children. Please see below to read the report.

'Children in the early years get off to a good start. A curriculum that is planned around books means that children are introduced to new and exciting language.'

Since joining the Inspire Partnership, the school has continued to go from strength to strength, where for the first time in a generation, the school has been judged as providing a good education. As a restless, ambitious school, naturally we will be working tirelessly to ensure that the next steps from the report form part of our school priorities for the remainder of this academic year and beyond and we look forward to sharing these with our school community in the coming weeks.  

'Leaders have introduced very ambitious global themes across the curriculum. These provide challenging ideas for pupils to explore.'

Whilst we are delighted with the outcome of the inspection we recognise that it is the ongoing feedback we receive from parents and children that we truly value, which enables us to ensure we provide the children of Elaine Primary School with the very best education. 

'Pupils have a secure understanding of fundamental British values, such as democracy and respect. They enact these values in the way they treat one another.'

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