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Elaine Primary School


From Friday 1st April 2022, the long term government strategy for ‘living with Covid’ came into place. The UK approach to managing COVID-19 is now very similar to how we manage other forms of respiratory infections as the success of the vaccination programme means that most people with COVID-19 will only experience very mild illness.

Below we have outlined what this means for us as an education setting:

  • Children with mild symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, or mild cough, who are otherwise well, can continue to attend school.
  • Children and young people who are unwell and have a high temperature should stay at home and where possible avoid contact with other people. They can come back to school when they no longer have a high temperature, and they are well enough.
  • If a child or young person has a positive COVID19 test result they should stay at home and where possible avoid contact with other people for 3 days after the day they took the test. The risk of passing the infection on to others is much lower after 3 days if they feel well and do not have a high temperature.
  • Children and young people who live with someone who has a positive COVID19 test result should continue to attend as normal.

We know that the last two years have been very challenging for us all and we want to thank you for your support during this period.