Year Five

At Elaine Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for in a cross curricular way. This ensures that children are able to make links within their learning and therefore leads to deeper and richer understanding, debate and learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities and provide opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through the high expectations of everyone at Elaine, we aspire to achieve outstanding outcomes.

In Year 5, during the Summer Term, our core text will be ‘Too Much Trouble’ by Tom Avery in English. This core text will serve as an inspiration to explore various areas of the curriculum in an exciting and creative way. ‘Too much Trouble’ is a contemporary interpretation of the classic, Oliver Twist; it delves into the world of two young, refugee brothers who become embroiled in a gang and street crime. During the first term we will be mastering the skills needed to write an appeal for help from an advice columnist and the response from the columnist to the young boy from the text.  We will keep this core text for Summer Term and will further explore the relationship between the brothers by writing a narrative based on the gripping events that occur in the story. Our core text for the Summer term will enable us to explore the ‘Global Theme’, of Human Rights and how these are sometimes challenged and protected.

Over the course of the Summer Term, during our curriculum learning, children will be conducting a role play as the jury system, including the prosecuting and defence. Putting into place a fair trial. Linking to the human rights and justice system; they will study the difference between the modern British justice system and that of the Victorians and how it has evolved. Children will have an awareness of how vulnerable children can get involved within gangs and understand how the justice system acts upon this. As a result of our learning, we will be putting the leader of the gang from our core text on trial. As a class we will all take on different roles within that trial to defend, prosecute and judge the accused!

In science this term, we will be learning about materials. The children will be planning and carrying out investigations to separate materials in to solid, liquid and gases. We will be exploring the solubility of these materials and gain an understanding of properties of these materials.

During the Summer Term, Year 5 will be developing their athletic skills in PE. We will be focussing on using our non -dominant hand to pass various objects. Children will be investigating how to use agility to increase speed and the best technique in long jump.

In RE, we will be continuing to learn about Christianity, with a focus on living a Christian life and exploring the meaning of quotes from The Bible.

In art, we will be exploring the work of graphic designer Norma Barr. We will be focusing on the concept of negative space and using thumbnail sketches to create our final piece of silhouettes linked to our core text.

In French, we will be looking at naming countries in French and exploring different nationalities, the children will be able to talk and write about where they live and which languages they speak.

In RSE, children will be considering why sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, they will assess their own sleep schedule and develop sleep strategies in order to maintain a healthy sleep lifestyle.

In maths, we will be learning about measuring looking closely at perimeter, area and volume we will be using our knowledge to solve real life situations. Towards the end of the term, our focus will be on timetables.

In Year 5, children are encouraged to read every night and record this in their reading record books. All children have access to a wide variety of books in their classrooms and are encouraged to choose a book of their choice and also a book levelled at their ability. Parents can support their children's learning by reading with them every day and taking children to the local library to read about our topics.

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