Year Five

This term the children will explore the theme of identity and diversity, looking at the impacts of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination in our society today. They will compare their own lives to the lives of people in Afghanistan exploring gender stereotypes. The children will use this learning to create a business selling a range of merchandise (badges, keyrings) with slogans on which challenge stereotypes.

In English, we will be reading our new core text, ‘The Breadwinner’ by Deborah Ellis, which explores the theme of identity and diversity. Children will be writing diary entries from the point of view of the protagonist, Parvana, who lives in Afghanistan whilst it was under Taliban rule. She is forced to change her whole lifestyle and pretend to be a boy in order to provide for her family after her father was taken away by the Taliban. Children will also link their learning to the character skills, looking especially at empathy and how Parvana’s life and culture differs to ours.

In maths, children will be comparing and ordering fractions as well as looking at adding and subtracting fractions.  They will be exposed to a range of fluency and reasoning questions, such as multi-step problems to help secure and deepen their understanding. In arithmetic we will be focusing on securing our knowledge on the 12- and 9-times tables.

In science, we will be learning about Forces and understanding the discovery of gravity, made by Sir Isaac Newton.

In geography, we will be looking at the human and physical aspects of Afghanistan and comparing it to the UK.

In history, we will be comparing significant dates through time in Ancient Greece, Afghanistan and the UK.                                                                                                       

In RE, we will be learning about Judaism and some of the festivals celebrated in this religion.

In RSE, we will explore how to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

PE will take place every week on a Thursday and we will be going swimming on Friday morning.

In French we will be learning our numbers and how to say how old we are.

In art we will be looking at the artist Shamsia Hassani. We will be using different mediums to create our outcome of a silhouette of Parvana.

In computing, we will be looking at software programming using Purple Mash.

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