Year Four

In Autumn 1, Year 4 will be exploring our Global Theme of Human Rights, Social Justice and Equity. This term the children will explore our basic human rights in the context of refugees and aid.  They will be reflecting on World War 2 and the current refugee crisis. This will be collated and shared through an appeal to support charities providing aid to refugees.

Our core text will be ‘Azzi in Between’ by Sarah Garland.  We will be following the story of the main character, Azzi, as she seeks refuge from her home country when war breaks out.  Throughout the half term, the children will develop their punctuation, grammar and spelling skills before using our core text as a springboard to write a letter, indicating the need to support the current refugee crisis in English.

In maths this term, we will be looking at place value building on prior knowledge. We will be introduced to thousands. It is important for us to create a foundation of knowledge in our understanding of place value in order to deepen our learning of future topics. We will also be applying the skills learnt into different real-life contexts. During this term, we will be revising our 2,5,10 times tables as well as learning our 9- and 7-times tables.

In art, we will learn how to draw and paint our own pieces, inspired by Alwy Fadhel (an artist and asylum seeker) to create art using coffee and water. We will use our learning from the overarching theme of refuge to create pieces that communicate the emotions associated with the refugee crisis.

Our curriculum topic this term our global theme is Human Rights, Social Justice and Equity. We will be exploring World War Two, specifically The Blitz in history. We will also be participating in the Rotary Club Shoebox Appeal.

In science, we will be studying states of matter and will be considering the key differences between liquids, solids and gases.

In French, we will be learning the how to have a conversation. We will learn different ways to greet people as well as how to explain our feelings. We will also start learning the alphabet in French.

In PE, we will be exploring the concept of fitness and how we can prepare our bodies for exercise. We will also be learning different skills to apply to a variety of invasion games such as football and basketball.

In RSE, we will continue to look at the meaning of respect within the community. This will guide our discussions as we extend our ideas in respecting ourselves as well.

In Year 4 at Elaine, Reading, Spelling and Times Tables continue to be a priority. Throughout this half term, there will be a tournament between the two Year 4 classes so please do make sure you are logging into Times Table Rockstars to compete! Parents can support their children's learning through reading and discussing the books daily, recording in reading journals and by supporting with times table practise. We will also be sending out spellings and maths related activities on a Friday, which are due the following Wednesday. Additionally, there will be a variety of homework activities to choose from at the start of the term relating to our overarching theme of Human Rights, Social Justice and Equity.

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