Year Four

This term children will explore the topic of identity and diversity. Children will learn about ways to form an inclusive and supportive community for all citizens. They will learn about visible disabilities in comparison to invisible disabilities and how some may face discrimination as a result. Children will also identify how our differences are what make a diverse community.  

Our core text this term in English is ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio. Children will be exploring the impact of biased and neutral language when writing a balanced argument. As the term progresses, children will explore sentence openers, causal conjunctions and comparative conjunctions. They will conclude by publishing a narrative piece, written in the first-person and based on a character from our core text.

In maths, we will continue to look at decimal numbers in the real-life context of money. We will also be learning about time. We will learn about digital and analogue clocks. This term will also see us touch on the topic of shape. We will be focussing on 2-D shapes recognising them in different orientations.

In art, we will be studying the art of Pablo Picasso and will create self-portraits in a cubist style.

In history, we will be learning about the Roman Empire. We will explore the political impact that the Roman Empire had on Britain and will conclude with a newspaper article that indicates the eventual decline of the Empire. â€‹

In RE, we will be continuing our learning on Buddhism. We will explore what life is like as a Buddhist.

In science, children will be exploring the topic of sound. We will be learning about how we hear as humans as well as how sound travels from a medium to the ear.

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