Year Three

For our curriculum this term we will be looking at human rights, inspired by our core text “Freedom in Congo Square”. We will be looking at the impact rights and law have on the humanity and real life issues. We will be looking at how different cultures supported society throughout difficult times. We will also look at historical figures and the impact they had on making some of the changes that we see today.

In English this half term, we will be starting our new core text, ‘Freedom in Congo Square’. This book will help us to explore slavery and different cultures. We will also look at how society has changed over time. We will be looking at various poems and then writing our own as our writing outcome. We will also perform our poems to our peers.

In maths this half term, children will be focusing on multiplication and division on the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. The children will be identifying patterns and applying their knowledge of their times tables to solve problems.

In science, we will be looking at animals and humans, including a balanced diet and skeletal structures.

In geography, we will be researching geographical features of our local area and Portugal and making comparisons between the two.

In history, we will be exploring slavery, thinking about human rights and the role that Britain played during the slave trade.

In art, we will be experimenting with water colour paints and oil pastels thinking about the techniques used with them. We will create our own pictures linking to our core text.

In R.E, we will be learning about Islam and special festivals within this faith.  

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