Year Two

This term, Year Two will be exploring the global theme of Identity and Diversity by learning about and celebrating different cultures around the world, linking to our core texts, ‘Island Born’ and ‘Suki’s Kimono’.

Throughout the term, there will be a geography focus, where the children will be learning about the different continents and oceans in the world and using maps to locate countries, with a specific focus on the Dominican Republic. They will also use directional language to describe the location of different countries, continents and oceans across the world.

In English, the children will be learning how to write non- chronological reports and will be researching facts on the Dominican Republic. They will then use this information to write fact files on Dominican culture. As we move into the second half term, Year Two will continue to draw on the theme of Identity and Diversity through the study of our core text ‘Suki’s Kimono’, where their geography focus will be on Japan. They will build on their knowledge from Term 1, to build on their fact files, creating a scrapbook that celebrates the cultures of the Dominican Republic and Japan, considering the similarities and differences in art, music, food and languages.

In maths this term, we will be focussing on place value, developing our knowledge of Tens and Ones and building on our reasoning skills by working practically with dienes, place value counters and unfix. We will also be developing our knowledge of the four main operations as well as counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Our science lessons will focus on Animals Including Humans; the children will be learning about different animals around the world and their habitats as well as what they eat within a food chain. They will then be using their knowledge to create their own animal habitats at the end of term. In art, the children will be creating 3D collages of landscapes, using a range of mediums to build layers and depth through colour. In PE, we will practise being mighty movers both in and outdoors through developing our running skills and our dance movements. Our RE focus this term will be on Sikhism, where the children will be learning about the values and history of Sikhism.

In Year 2, our reading books will be changed on a Monday and a Friday. Parents can support their children's learning through reading and discussing the books daily, recording in reading journals and by giving children the opportunity to visit the local library to read about and research our topics. We will also be sending out spellings and phonics or maths related activities on a Friday, which are due the following Wednesday. Additionally, there will be a variety of homework activities to choose from at the start of the term relating to our overarching theme.

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