This half term, our topic is Identity and Diversity. We will be learning about each other’s favourite family food and recipes which will we collate to form a community cook book. This will support us in learning about the different cultures in our local area. Our aim is to have a family display in our classroom including having pictures of our families.

In Literacy, we are reading ‘Lunch at Pomegranate Street’ by Felicita Sala. This book focuses on a number of different recipes from a range of different cultures. We will also be exploring the children’s favourite meals and who they like to enjoy eating them with. In addition to this we will be choosing our favourite recipes and ingredients to make our own class community cook book.   

In Maths, we are exploring one more and less of numbers up to 10, practising our counting on and backwards. We will be combining small numbers together to start our practise on adding. We will also be developing our understanding of the numbers to 10 by practising our subitising.

Our phonics learning this term is at phase 2 and is beginning to start phase 3. We are beginning to blend and segment words as well as writing our tricky words.

We will be starting to go to forest school every Thursday. The children really enjoy exploring the nature in our forest school and seeing what animals they can find. Parents and carers can support this by ensuring the children have wellington boots in school.

We are very excited to be starting PE on Tuesday’s. We will be learning the fundamentals, where we will practise running, skipping, hopping, jumping and stopping in a variety of ways and games. Parents and carers can support this by ensuring that children come to school wearing their PE kit on Tuesday’s.

Our reading books are changed throughout the week in both Opal and Onyx class. Parents and siblings can support the children with their reading by trying to read every day and asking the children some questions about the book.

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