Elaine Education Centre


This term, the children will use their geography learning to explore how countries from around the world come together to collaborate through sporting events. They will use their history topic to create modes of transport and explore different cultures. We will be creating a sculpture in art to express our perception of kindness. These will then be displayed to promote kindness in our school environment.

In English, our core text this term is ‘It’s a No-Money Day’ by Kate Milner. We will be exploring the key components in our story and making links with our foundation subjects. Throughout the story, we will focus on the emotions that the characters are feeling. We will create a narrative that will be built using character and setting descriptions.

In maths this half term, children will be focusing on fractions, focusing on whole amounts and parts of amounts. We will also be exploring equivalent fractions and multiplying by fractions. We will explore the topic of time and extend our prior knowledge to concrete our understanding of time.

Our history we will be investigating explorers. Specifically, the impact of Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We will conduct our own investigations and engage in activities to concrete our understanding.

In PE we will be doing athletics and fitness circuits.

In art, we will be learning about kindness and focus on how we can use art and sculptures to represent this.

In science, we will be learning about plants, their features and how they grow, as well as participating in a seed swap with Medway Artbox.

Our RE this term will be focussing on Islam and the main beliefs that Muslims have.



This term we will be exploring conflict resolution through our core text “The Fort” by Laura Perdew and writing a setting description of our own, imaginary fort. We will then focus on the Viking invasion of Anglo-Saxon Britain to explore how they lived and create art work around this topic.

Our core text this term is “The Fort” by Laura Perdew in English. The children will be creating their own fort and using their senses to describe the space, using powerful adjectives. We will then be writing a setting description, using metaphors, similes and personification. As part of our SEMH English journey the children will be focusing on the characters in the story to reflect on a time they faced conflict in their lives and how this was resolved in order to build relationships. 

In maths, we will continue to look at decimal numbers in the real-life context of money. We will also be learning about time where will explore digital and analogue clocks. This term will also see us touch on the topic of shape. We will be focussing on 2-D shapes recognising them in different orientations.

In science, children will be exploring the topic of sound. We will be learning about how we hear as humans as well as how sound travels from a medium to the ear.

In history, we will be focusing on the Vikings and exploring their invasion of Anglo-Saxon Britain.

In art, we will be exploring the art work of artist Vera Van Wolferen and the children will be creating their own 3D fort designs using wood.   

As part of our SEMH curriculum, we will be developing social and communication skills during LEGO interventions, using daily sensory circuits to improve engagement and help children to understand and regulate their emotions through use of ELSA (Emotional literacy support assistant).



The children will explore the theme of social injustice and equity through noticing people’s differences and exploring the impact that preconceived ideas will have on attitudes and behaviours of themselves and others. They will look at The Vikings and Anglo Saxons and look at how Danelaw was introduced and the effects that this had on the nation at the time. Their science learning around the human body and how relationships develop will help drive the discussion and debate. They will have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge to make a change in their school and a wider community scale.

In English, we will be reading a core text called “Pig Heart Boy” by Malorie Blackman. The book follows the story of a thirteen-year-old boy – Cameron - who needs a heart transplant and explores the moral and ethical dilemmas posed by him receiving a heart from an animal. The children shall be writing their own newspaper reports based on the ground-breaking experiment as well as writing a third-person narrative from the perspective of Cameron’s best friend, Marlon. In order to develop their oracy skills, they will then write and perform their own internal monologues.

In maths, the children will begin their geometry learning journey by learning to measure angles using a protractor.  The children will then move on to calculating missing angles on a straight line and around a point.  We will also be learning about triangles and then 3D shape.  We will end our learning journey this term with statistics including pie charts and finding the mean. Throughout our learning journey, the children will continue to strengthen their arithmetic skills with a focus on fractions and percentages.  Please ensure your child is practicing their times tables regularly at home.

In art, we will be studying the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and different anatomists in order to create our outcome of a 3D model of a heart.

In history, we will be learning all about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons through a hands-on learning experience involving lots of practical activities.

In PE, we will be learning dance skills in indoor PE and athletic skills in outdoor PE.

In RE, we will be learning about the Sikh community and how they help other people.

In science, we will be learning about the human circulatory system.  This will involve hands on learning opportunities such as dissection of a heart and making “blood”.