Staff List

No one invests more than our dedicated staff body here at Elaine Primary School. Some of our staff are amongst the most accomplished you will find in any school or indeed any walk of life. Our teachers bring remarkable qualities. Passion, discipline, excellence are their match words. They are representative of our pupil’s and recognise the power of education. To this end the staff body has a united common purpose to excel and be the best it can collectively be.


Ms D Indresano Medway Regional Education Leader
Mr D Brewer Head of School
Mr I Atwal Deputy Headteacher
Miss C Lichty Assistant Headteacher & EYFS Phase Leader (Maternity Leave)
Miss D Dunlop SENCo Lead



Miss E Parsons Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
Miss L Swire Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
Ms N Kemal Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
Miss N Cook Elaine Education Centre (EEC) Phase Leader



Miss L Whiting Nursery/Reception - Opal
Miss V Kaur Reception - Onyx
Miss L Boyne Year 1 - Diamond
Miss E Parsons Year 2 - Sapphire
Mrs S Midgeley Year 3 - Amber
Miss G Parkinson Year 3 - Haematite
Miss L Swire Year 4 - Amethyst
Miss N Kaur Year 4 - Turquoise
Miss S Lott Year 5 - Emerald
Mrs D Lloyd Year 5 - Garnet
Ms N Kemal Year 6 - Aquamarine
Miss R Lakha Year 6 - Tanzanite
Miss K Pike EEC - Ash
Mr G Stuart EEC - Oak
Miss N Cook EEC - Elm
Miss P Green Class teacher (Maternity Leave)



Mr S Adamson EEC
Miss A Anderson EEC
Mrs S Atherton HLTA
Miss S Balcheva Year 6
Mr J Brown HLTA
Miss C Burtenshaw EEC
Mrs W Denman Year 2
Mrs S Fryer UKS2
Mrs B Hardes EYFS - Nursery
Miss L Harris Year 6 (Maternity Leave)
Miss A Hewson EYFS - Reception
Mr R Hutchinson EEC
Miss N Kemp EEC
Mrs T Macklin HLTA
Mrs A Menday EEC
Mr J Moseley EEC
Miss R Ody Year 3
Mrs N Quiroz 1:1 TA (Maternity Leave)
Mrs M Ram Year 1
Mrs S Shepherd Year 4



Miss D Dunlop SENCo Lead
Ms G Frain  SENCo (Mainstream)
Miss H Griffiths Pastoral Lead
Mrs V Thompson Pastoral Assistant
Miss L Macauley SEN Admin Assistant



Ms S Marsh Home School Support Worker
Mrs S Lindsey Inspire Medway Regional Hub Business Lead
Mrs A Trill Inspire Medway Regional Hub Finance Lead
Mrs L Young Admin Officer
Mrs G Everitt Admin Assistant
Mr M Morphew Premises Assistant