During the summer term, the learning in nursery will be based around the global theme ‘Social Justice and Equity’. The focus of the term is around our community superheroes and how they help us. We will be looking at our school character skills and linking them to roles in the community. We will be using the book ‘ABC Superheroes’ by Bob Mcleod to support us with our learning and linking this to different character skills that we can show ourselves. We will focus on our emergency services including fire fighters, police officers and NHS workers. We will consider the character skills needed for these community workers and how we can develop these skills ourselves. The project outcome will be to create thank you cards and care packages to share with our community workers. We will also plan and celebrate our own community citizen celebration to have at the end of the term.

In maths this half term, nursery will be beginning with a counting focus and number recognition. We will use this to support our learning in matching numeral to quantity. We will move on later in the term to think about one less and one more. We will think about various ways we can find one more and one less and how we can show this. To finish this half term, we will look at finding a total, introducing various resources to help us with our learning.

In Understanding of the World, we will continue to think about our community and the people who help us. We will discuss why and how these community workers can help us and what skills they need to be able to do this role. We have created a small city role play corner including a hospital, police station, fire station, park and construction area. The role play corner offers lots of suggestions for discussions, giving the children the opportunity to develop their communication and language skills and use this to encourage different ideas in their play. The children can also develop their imagination here by pretending they are taking on one of the community roles to further their understanding.

We will continue to go to forest school once a week and think about how we can assess our own risks in the forest school area. We will be using different equipment to encourage the children to choose their own activities and develop their independence. We will also begin to think about throwing and catching in our PE sessions as well as balance and different ways we can move around.

For our art outcome, nursery will be developing their creative skills to create collages using different shapes. We will be practising our cutting and sticking skills to make collages that look like cities. We will then work on some of our technology skills by taking photographs and experimenting with different body movements and areas to change the effects of the photograph.

Parents can support their child's learning through reading with them every day and discussing the stories that they have read. Practicing counting and number skills when out and about will support children’s development and understanding in maths.  If you would like to discuss more about how you can help your child at home, please see your child's class teacher.

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