PE Funding

Sports funding report for Governors March 2015

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this. Income for EPA equates to £9000 per year below is the breakdown and impact of spending at Elaine.


Sport Funding Spent




The aim






Greenacre Sports Package






• To improve the standards of PE taught from all teachers by detailed and descriptive lesson plans which have also been differentiated to challenge all pupils.

Support for PE co-ordinator in role.

• 1 to 1 coaching for non-specialist teachers.

• Training sports leaders and dinner supervisors to have greater knowledge of playground activities.

• Lesson plans are easily located in year pouches. These are then broke down into various different sports with clear lesson plans which lead to an overall termly outcome (Long term planning)

•Support for PE co-ordinator allows for them to support all staff for a longer term.

• Improve the overall quality of PE delivery.


Sports Equipment






To improve the standards of PE and make it accessible for all pupils to access a broad and balanced curriculum with a range of sports.

Lessons are well planned with equipment readily available to enable all pupils to succeed and achieve.

Sports Captains



Sports badges and trophies £100



To choose 4 pupils (2 boys and 2 girls) to lead by example and demonstrate leadership qualities to our younger years.

• Yearly awards for sport

Sports captains have been very important to the starts of our extra-curricular clubs who take warm ups and demonstrate good behaviour and determination to succeed (SMSC)

• Inspired children to achieve in sport.

Mini-bus to sporting events (MYG)



£80 per trip, so far this is a total



To pay for travel to and from sports events

Very successful year so far for

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