School Letters

Page Documents Date  
Year 4 Science Museum Trip 04th Jan 2017 Download
Science Week 09th Mar 2018 Download
Wild Science Visit - EYFS and KS1 09th Mar 2018 Download
Parents Evening.docx 25th Sep 2015 Download
Parents Evening Emerald Class.docx 25th Sep 2015 Download
School Dinner Changes.docx 14th Oct 2015 Download
School Photos.docx 19th Oct 2015 Download
Positive Parenting Programme 23rd Feb 2017 Download
World Book Day 22nd Feb 2017 Download
Class Changes.docx 15th Dec 2015 Download
HOUSE POINT REWARD LETTER TERM 2 DECEMBER 2015.docx 15th Dec 2015 Download
Yr 6 Boosters.docx 16th Dec 2015 Download
School Dinner Letter.docx 07th Jan 2016 Download
Parent Forum dates.docx 12th Jan 2016 Download
Book Week.docx 22nd Feb 2016 Download
Parent Forum.docx 22nd Feb 2016 Download
Emerald Class Changes.docx 17th Mar 2016 Download
Tanzanite Class Changes.docx 17th Mar 2016 Download
Yr 6 Boosters Easter tutoring.docx 17th Mar 2016 Download
Change of Term Date Proposal.docx 22nd Mar 2016 Download
Chalklands Easter closure 2016.docx 22nd Mar 2016 Download
Onyx Class.docx 07th Jul 2016 Download
Parent Forum.docx 01st Jul 2016 Download
Newsletter June 2016.docx 01st Jul 2016 Download
Teacher Strike Day.docx 01st Jul 2016 Download
Mrs Baker Letter to Parents.docx 15th Jul 2016 Download
D Baker Change of Role. Notification from Chair of Governors.pdf 15th Jul 2016 Download
D Brewer Update Letter to Parents.docx 27th Sep 2016 Download
Year 6 Booster Letter.docx 27th Sep 2016 Download
School Dinners.docx 27th Sep 2016 Download
Nationality letter.docx 27th Sep 2016 Download
BurnetNewsClub.docx 03rd Oct 2016 Download
SkillsforLifeClub.docx 03rd Oct 2016 Download
New Uniform 14th Oct 2016 Download
Snack and Nut Allergy Notification 14th Oct 2016 Download
Nursery Stay & Play 10th Oct 2016 Download
Year 1 Phonics Screening 10th Oct 2016 Download
Skills for Life cancellation 10th Oct 2016 Download
Children in Need 16th Nov 2016 Download
Safeguarding letter to parents 29th Mar 2017 Download
End of Academic Year 01st Aug 2017 Download
Yr 6 Booster Club 06th Oct 2017 Download
Attendance Sept17.docx 06th Oct 2017 Download
BurnetNewsClub 2009171.docx 06th Oct 2017 Download
Choir Club1.docx 06th Oct 2017 Download
Swimming Sep17.docx 06th Oct 2017 Download
150917 Hockey Club.pdf 06th Oct 2017 Download
EYFS Phonics Workshop Sep171.docx 06th Oct 2017 Download
KS1 Homework Club 120917.docx 06th Oct 2017 Download
DB Reminder and Dates Letter 2609171.docx 06th Oct 2017 Download