Posted on: February 28th 2018

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This term we have been extremely fortunate to have been visited by a group of STEM ambassadors, studying at Canterbury Christ Church University, who came in to deliver science lessons to children in Year 1, 2, 4 and 6.  There were a range of activities taking place, including: a murder mystery in Year 6, where children became forensic scientists, using chromatography to solve crimes; an investigation into microbes and handwashing in years 2 and 6; and exploring reversible and irreversible changes in  Year 4.  All the teachers and children, who took part, were engaged in their learning and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  We are looking to continue to develop our links with STEM and Christ Church, in order to ensure our children benefit from similar enriching experiences in the future


In science club this term the children have explored chemical changes, by creating snowflakes using borax and water, observing how borax crystallises when it dissolves and cools.  We have also created our own lava lamps, using Alkaselzers, oil and water!  Throughout the sessions, the children have developed their questioning skills and have been excited by the awe and wonder surrounding the scientific phenomena they have been investigating.  We are looking forward to continuing with science club next term, with Year 4.


The Polar Explorer Project is coming!!!

We are eagerly anticipating Science Week (week beginning 12th March), where the whole school will be engaged in cross curricular learning, within the context of the Polar Explorer Project.  Jo Fox, the STEM ambassador who led the space day last term, will be joining us on Monday 12th to introduce the project to KS2 and lead workshops involving robotics.  Parents will be invited in to share in the children’s learning on Friday 16th March – further details of this will be available nearer the time.


Foundation stage and KS1 are looking forward to their visit from the wild animal company “Wild Science” on Tuesday 13th March, where they will have an opportunity to handle exotic animals and find out more about their habitat and feeding habits.  Check out the links below for further information.


We will keep you updated weekly with all of our discoveries!

Mrs Hofer

Primary Science Leader

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