Posted on: January 18th 2018

Science Blog

It has been an exciting start to the term!  So far we have been lucky enough to have had a visit from Jo Fox, from Spacefund -  a STEM ambassador for the European Space Agency!  Jo delivered a fun, interactive assembly for Key Stage 2, taking them on an inspiring journey through the future of space, programming and robotics.  Year 5 were then given the opportunity to work with Jo more closely, building and programming Lego robots, which would be used in a space landing to Mars.  This linked closely to their current unit study in science, Earth and Space and provided a real-life context for their learning.


Gardening Club are continuing to make an impact on our school environment.  Mrs Fryer and her team of adult supporters and children from across Key Stage 1 and 2 are hard at work planting a range of flower seeds and vegetables, as well as conducting a “Bean in a Bag” experiment – we look forward to finding out how that goes!  In addition, they have been creating insect hotels and installing bird feeders (which were constructed by Year 3 last term) in order to study the wildlife around our school.  Thank you to everyone who continues to make gardening club a success.  Keep up the hard work!


Science Club will resume on Thursday lunchtimes for Year 3 this term.  Last term children were excited to witness the chemical changes taking place when we created bath bombs and slime and began to understand how such changes take place.  Our school science captains, Rhysa Shiletto and Johnny-Lee Rayner will resume their roles in the club, supporting children with practical activities as well as facilitating discussions among the younger children.


We will keep you updated weekly with all of our discoveries!

Mrs Hofer

Primary Science Leader