Posted on: April 20th 2017

'Top Blog Post' Achieved at Elaine Primary Academy

Elaine Primary Academy's most recent successes in the Burnet News Club just get better and better....  

Their current topic for discussion is Health care: The future of the NHS for which Darcy in Year 6 was awarded a "Top Blog Post" for her post on "What the NHS Needs."

Also a group of year 5 girls were joint runners up in a video story telling contribution giving their perspectives on the NHS.  This was judged by Clare Foges, who used to write speeches for David Cameron when he was Prime Minister. She is now a journalist at The Times. Clare's comments regarding the Elaine video are below:

"I felt like I was watching a TV drama!  A really engaging way of presenting some difficult information about the NHS. I loved the way everyone had a part to play and they told the story through a narrative. It was especially clever to weave some statistics in there and to show not just tell the winter crisis in the NHS. Great performances from all the girls involved!"

I think you would agree that they are prestigious achievements and thoroughly deserved by all!

All posts are available to view on the hub:

Lucy Davenport, Primary Executive Headteacher said when she heard the news:  

"Superb news - testament to the passion and determination to give our children world class opportunities!"

Keep up the great work!  We are already looking forward to the next topic of discussion.


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