Year Six

In maths, Year 6 will be learning how to measure and draw a range of different angles; as well as calculating missing angles from polygons and opposite angles. After that, they will then be converting different units of measurement and solve problems that include length and weight; this will also include conversion between imperial and metric units. Towards the end of the half term, the children will be working out the area and perimeter of triangles, quadrilaterals and parallelograms and compound shapes. As well as this, they will be revising all prior learning; applying it across a range of reasoning, problem solving and multi-step problems. 

Within English, Year 6’s writing outcomes will be based on the core text ‘Stella by Starlight’ by Sharon M Draper.  The book examines themes of racial discrimination linking to our global theme of peace and conflict.  It follows the story of Stella Mills who lives in the segregated community of Bumblebee in North Carolina and the struggles that the black community go through in their everyday lives.  During this term, children will continue to develop their fictional writing style as they write a dilemma narrative based on the events in the book. Children will also be writing in role as a character from the book expressing their thoughts and emotions.  We will end the learning journey by analysing a scene from the film “Selma” which is the story of the march lead by Martin Luther King.

In science they will be learning about light, starting with how it travels to the eye and is able to see light and objects.  They will also be looking at the relationship between visible light and reflection, using scientific evidence as well as investigating reflections from a variety of surfaces.

In curriculum this term, Year 6 will be using oracy skills to create their own “I have a dream” speech. To achieve this they will look at particular areas of oracy, such as physical, linguistic, cognitive and emotional. They will then retell key events in history using concept maps.  After listening to others’ viewpoints, they will then consider whether their initial viewpoint needs to change or not; which will then lead into the planning and presentation of a persuasive speech. 

In PE, the children will be learning how to apply skills in tennis. This will include lessons that focus on accurately striking the ball, a consistent rally, striking the ball over the net and competing in a tournament. They will need to focus on body control, predicting movement of opponent and controlling the power of a strike. 

Year 6 will be focussing on the DT (Design Technology) during STEM week where they will be designing and creating a specific project. 

In RE, Year 6 will be looking at Sikhism and the importance of Guru Gobind Singh and the Khalsa.  They will be explaining the importance of the 5Ks and Sikh names for these. In addition, they will understand how Sikhs can show they belong to Sikh community.

In French, Year 6 are learning to talk about their daily routine, relating this to time.  They will also talk about food and specifically breakfast. Questions and longer paragraphs will be read and created using adverbs and time expressions.

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