Year Four

This term our focus is on sustainability and the children will explore the impact that humans have on the environment on a global level. They will identify how deforestation and climate change has affected animals and their habitats before producing a documentary to highlight the current crisis.

In English, our core text this term is “Can we save the tiger?” by Martin Jenkins. Children will be exploring features of non-fiction texts and identifying the impact of emotive language in leaflets. In addition to this, children will be generating persuasive sentences, using facts and opinions and ensuring they order points into a cohesive structure. The children will then write a balanced argument about whether tigers should be kept in captivity or allowed to live in the wild.

Children will begin the term by multiplying 3-digit numbers with 1-digit numbers using formal methods in maths. Children will then be using concrete, pictorial and abstract to further develop their knowledge of division. As the term progresses, children will be investigating area and perimeter of regular polygons before applying this knowledge to solve problems in a real-life context. Towards the end of term, children will be multiplying and dividing by 1000 to convert units of measurement.

In art, we will be looking at the artist Bill Fleming, who produce artwork based on the animal kingdom. We will be sketching a picture of a tiger’s eye and enhancing the image by using layering.

In geography, we will be exploring the effects of the human impact on the environment and then children will produce a documentary to showcase our learning this term. The children will be using google maps to locate the different rainforests in the world and then use local maps to discover more information about tribes and habitats.

In RE, we will be exploring the four noble truths of Buddhism to see how Buddhists live their lives. 

In science, we will be exploring animals and their habitats to observe how environmental changes affect wildlife.

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