Year Four

Our learning during the Spring Term will have an overarching theme of Sustainability. This is will be explored through the first half term in which we will reflect on ‘Conservation’, and will do so through our core texts: ‘The Wilderness War’ by Julia Green and ‘Can we save the Tiger?’ We will use both of these inspiring novels to explore various areas of the curriculum and the global learning goals in an exciting and creative way, giving our pupils opportunities to grow and develop via relatable experiences that will allow them to reflect on their own choices and identity how their current decisions can impact their future.

Over the first half term in English, we will be developing our fictional writing, through our core text, ‘The Wilderness War’. We will be using this to develop our vocabulary and word choices to create a suspense filled narrative. The second half term, we will be exploring the text, ‘Can we save the Tiger?’ by Gill Lewis, in which we will be learning the skills required to write a documentary.

In the first half term of Maths, we are continuing to development our knowledge of multiplication and division. In the second half of the spring term we will learn about area, decimals and fractions. We will apply our knowledge of these subjects to solve a range of real-life problems.

To begin with in Science, we will focus on the topic ‘Animals including Humans’. We will be learning about the classification of animals which will allow us to make links to our core texts. In Art, we will be creating a collage of a landscape scene. We will be considering textures and patterns which can convey our emotions through our landscape.

This year, we have begun to develop a curriculum based around global learning. Through this, we want to help children make sense of an increasingly globalised, complex and rapidly changing world. This style of curriculum will enable critical thinking about world issues, develop awareness of how our own actions can have on others and the wider community as well as help children to develop attitudes and dispositions to make a positive contribution to the world. Our final project outcome will be writing, producing and performing a documentary about the importance of bees which will be shared with the Elaine community.

In Year Four, pupils are able to change their reading book each week.  Parents can support their child's learning through reading and discussing the books daily, and by giving children the opportunity to visit the local library to read about and research our topics.  

In line with the weekly theme, there is regular homework, which consists of Maths and English tasks, and occasional project work linked to our topic. Pupils are also expected to read daily, for at least 10 minutes.