Year Four

This term children will explore the topic of sustainability to see the impact that humans have on the environment on a global level. They will identify how climate change has affected the planet and will look specifically at the recent Australian bushfires. They will conclude the term by scripting and producing a documentary that identifies the reasons for the bushfires, as well as solutions that take responsibility for the environment we live in.

Our core text this term in English is “The Vanishing Rainforest” by Richard Platt. Children will be exploring features of a diary and identifying how the main character feels throughout different stages of the book. As the term progresses, children will explore sentence openers, punctuation for effect and how to create suspense in their writing. They will then publish three diary entries depicting how loggers and deforestation have had a detrimental effect on communities in the Amazon rainforest over time.

In maths, children will begin the term by refreshing their knowledge of fractions. Children will then be using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to further develop their knowledge of the topic. As the term progresses, children will develop their understanding of equivalent fractions and will assess how fractions can be used in everyday contexts. Towards the end of term, children will learn to add and subtract fractions and will apply this learning to solve word problems.

In art, we have invited artist Emily Tull, who specialises in embroidery, to run a sewing workshop with the children. 

In geography, we will be exploring the effects of climate change and the impact on wildlife. We will then create a documentary exploring the impact of the Australian bushfires on the koala population, linking to our computing curriculum.

In RE, we will be identifying the importance of Hindu places of worship. 

In science, children will be exploring components in a circuit and identifying variables to create a fair test.

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