Year Three

For our curriculum this term we will be looking at human rights, inspired by our core text “The Patchwork Path”. We will be looking at the impact rights and law have on the humanity and real-life issues. We will be looking at how we can help this problem on a school scale. We will also be looking at slavery and how it has affected the rights of minorities within communities in history.

In English this half term, we will be starting our new core text, ‘The patchwork Path’ which explores the path to freedom for a young girl ‘Hannah’ and her Papa. They follow a code created through a patchwork quilt to help them navigate to safety and freedom. We will be exploring first hand recounts by writing a diary entry and exploring how to describe setting using descriptive language.

In maths this half term, children will be focusing on fractions, focusing on whole amounts and parts of amounts. We will also be exploring equivalent fractions and multiplying by fractions.

In science, we will be Investigating forces and what they are, by exploring magnets and friction.

In history we will be exploring the underground railroad in New York City and the lives of slaves and how some managed to overcome this and become free people.

In RE, we will be exploring the Christian religion, focusing on places of worship.

In art, we will be looking at the work of Evan Turk to create our own patchwork pieces by exploring print and layering. 

In PE we will be looking at gymnastics, looking at ways of travelling, avoiding obstacles and change of pace.

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