Year Three

This term the children will explore the topic of sustainable development and how humans impact the environment. We will be focussing on the Amazon Rainforest and the impact deforestation has on the Amazon. In geography, we will be looking at the location of the Amazon Rainforest and the impact of human development on the physical features of the environment. We will also be visiting Kew Gardens to support our learning.

In English this half term, we will be studying the text, ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward; it explores the theme of sustainable development. While exploring the text, we will be writing a narrative and setting descriptions as our incidental writes. We will also be developing our vocabulary use and up levelling it using key vocabulary found in our core text and within our curriculum learning.

In maths this half term, we will continue to focus on multiplication and division as well as money. We will be exploring multiplying and dividing using the grid method as well as discovering different quantities of money. We will be using concrete methods to help us learn and will be applying our skills in a range of different contexts and problem solving.

In science, we will be finishing of our topic of forces with a workshop from Dr Ken. We will be looking at plants and discussing what plants need to grow and survive.

In art we will be using foil to create a relief. We will be looking at the work of Wayne Anderson who was the illustrator of the tin forest.

In PE we will be developing our ball skills. We will be learning and practicing different types of throws before applying them in practical game contexts such as basketball. We will also be continuing to develop our gymnastics skills.

In RE, we will be exploring the faith of Sikhism and focussing on symbolisms within the religion.

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