Year Three

In Year 3, during the Spring Term, our core texts will be ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward, and ‘Garbage Guts’ by Heidi Auman. Our core texts will serve as an inspiration to explore various areas of the curriculum in an exciting and creative way. During the Spring Term, we will be mastering the skills needed to write a descriptive narrative from the perspective of the main character. Our second core text will inspire us to write a persuasive letter and fact file encouraging others to live sustainably and take care of the environment. Our core texts for this term will enable us to use an increasingly varied and developed vocabulary whilst developing our speaking and listening skills.

In Science, we will be learning about Forces and Magnets in Spring 1. In Spring 2, we will be looking at the topic of Animals, including humans. We will be identifying the different forces that act upon us and objects in everyday life. We will be conducting a range of science experiments to further and deepen the understanding in this area as well as our scientific investigation skills.

In PE, we will learn the fundamental skills required for movement and basketball. In Spring 2, we will also be doing dance and tag rugby. In RE, we are learning about the important beliefs and concepts in Sikhism. We will be developing our knowledge and understanding of Sikh festivals and beliefs. We will be taking our prior knowledge and our own beliefs to find links between different religions. Following on from this, we will be researching Buddhism and gaining a better understanding of places of worship. We will broaden this understanding by visiting places of worship in the local community.  

Over the course of the Spring term, our computing learning will be focused on creating our own informative videos about the importance of sustainable choices and the effects of deforestation within and beyond our community, and blogging about our own, and our community’s, experiences. This project falls in line with our topic exploring recycling, up-cycling and alternative methods to creating clothing.

In Maths, we will continue to focus on multiplication and division as well as money. We will be exploring multiplying and dividing using the grid method as well as discovering different quantities of money. We will be using concrete methods to help us learn and will be applying our skills in a range of different contexts. ​ Parents can help their children over the course of the year by regularly practising their times tables. â€‹