Year One

This term, Year one will be continuing to explore the themes of social justice. We will still be focusing on the elderly and how we can show an impact in our community. We are going to be writing letters of appreciation to their loved ones to show how they can help the community.


In English, our core text this term is ‘Grandads secret giant’ by David Litchfield. There is a Secret Giant in Gableview who has hands the size of tabletops, legs as long as drainpipes, and feet as big as rowing boats. But little Billy thinks the Giant is just a tall tale that his grandad likes to tell. According to Grandad, the Giant keeps the bears away when they go camping and rescues Billy’s favourite kite when it gets tangled up in the tallest tree. Grandad swears the Giant is real, but Billy does not believe. Why has he never seen the giant before? Why does the Giant stay hidden? Grandad knows why: People are afraid of things that look different. When Billy suddenly finds himself face-to-face with the Giant, he runs away in fear—and hurts the Giant’s feelings. But now he’s got an opportunity to make it up to him, and, just maybe, to be friends with the nicest guy in town.

In maths this half term, our focus will be on investigating place value. We will start by counting on by bridging ten whilst counting forwards and backwards to 50. We will then be partitioning two-digit numbers into tens and ones up to 50 whilst developing our knowledge of one more and one less. We will be reasoning about numbers up to 50 and applying our knowledge of reasoning.  Then we will start to compare amount of money by recognising different coins and counting in 2’s 5’s and 10s.

Our curriculum lessons will have a history focus, where we will be learning about how technology has changed over time. We will look how this has changed for our past generations to today. We will then look at how we can show appreciation to others and the community. In PE we will be looking at different ways of moving a ball. In art, we will be focusing on the work of Kaffe Fassett. We will be looking at a variety of patchwork and finding ways we can create our own quilt.  In science, we will be identifying parts of a tree and investigating where plants grow, we will be researching how plants reach us. Our RE this term will be focussing on explore and discuss Christianity with the Easter Story.

In Year 1, we will continue to use bug club to access our coloured books, in school our reading books will be changed every day. Parents can support their children's learning through reading and discussing the books daily, recording in reading journals and by giving children the opportunity to visit the local library to read about and research our topics. We will also be sending out spellings and phonics or maths related activities on a Friday, which are due the following Wednesday. Additionally, there will be a variety of homework activities to choose from at the start of the term relating to our overarching theme of social justice.

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