In the second half term, Reception are continuing our theme of ‘Sustainability’ through the core text ‘Why do we need bees?’ by Katie Daynes.  We will learn about different animals and habits using a range of sources.  We will be using this knowledge to make our very our own fact files for endangered animals.  We are looking forward to hosting local beekeepers and we will also be going on a trip to visit local architecture for STEAM week.

In Literacy, we will be applying our phonics knowledge and Writer’s Toolkit to create our own animal fact files.  We will discuss how humans impact animals and what people can do to help them. To find this information, we will be reading non-fiction texts and using technology.

In Mathematics, we will be exploring how many we ways we can create number bonds to 10.  We will also be creating our own maths stories applying addition and subtraction.  Our investigation of 2D and 3D shapes will help us explore similarities and differences so we can build our own structure for STEM week.

Parents can support their child's learning through reading with them every day and discussing the stories that they have read, and by taking children to the local library to read about our topics.  Practicing counting and number skills when out and about will support children’s development and understanding in Maths.  In line with the termly theme based on ‘Sustainaibility’, reading your child a story focusing on animals and talking about their local environment through a trip to the park will help them to develop their ideas.  If you would like to discuss more about how you can help your child at home please see your child's class teacher.

We welcome parental involvement in the life of our school and are actively seeking parent volunteers for our class trips and classroom support.  Please speak to your child’s teacher if you are able to help.

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