As we begin an exciting new school year, our learning in EYFS will be based around ‘Identity’.  During the first half term we will be reading the core text ‘It’s Okay to be Different’ by Todd Parr.  We will be exploring our similarities and differences, and what makes us unique.  During the second half term, we will continue our theme of ‘Identity’ through the core text ‘This is Our House’.  We will get to know our classmates and explore how we can be kind friends both at school and at home.

In Literacy we will be starting to develop our phonic knowledge for reading and writing, and through our speech.  We will be applying our phonic knowledge in Autumn One by describing what makes us special.  We will use our book to create our own podcasts to describe ourselves to share with our friends and families.  In Autumn Two we will be applying our phonic knowledge to create our own class kindness rules. 

In Mathematics, we will be introducing Numicon while learning our numbers to 10. We will be recognising numerals and quantity by practicing our one-to-one correspondence. We will be exploring shape and pattern through the environment, for example going on shape hunts. We will also be reviewing 2D shapes and using everyday language to comment on capacity, length and weight.

During the Autumn Term, we will be introducing the children to Topic Time, where they will have the opportunity to deepen their learning.  In Autumn One, the pupils will learn about a Growth Mindset and how they can become fantastic learners.  They will also develop their sense of Identity as they create their own self-portraits.  In Autumn 2, the children will use their Topic Time to work together to design their own community art piece.

Parents can support their child's learning through reading with them every day and discussing the stories that they have read, and by taking children to the local library to read about our topics.  Practicing counting and number skills when out and about will support children’s development and understanding in Maths.  In line with the termly theme based on Identity, reading your child a story or your favourite story focusing on different types of people and characters will help them to develop their ideas.  If you would like to discuss more about how you can help your child at home please see your child's class teacher.

We welcome parental involvement in the life of our school and are actively seeking parent volunteers for our class trips and classroom support.  Please speak to your child’s teacher if you are able to help.

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