Elaine Education Centre

Ash Class

For our curriculum this term we will be looking at human rights, inspired by our core text “The Patchwork Path” we will be looking at the impact rights and law have on the humanity and real-life issues. We will be looking at how we can help this problem on a school scale. We will also be looking at slavery and how it has affected the rights of minorities within communities.

In English this half term, we will be starting our new core text, ‘The Patchwork Path’ which explores the path to freedom for a young girl ‘Hannah’ and her Papa, they follow a code created through a patchwork quilt to help them navigate to safety and freedom. We will be creating emotion graphs to plot Hannah’s feelings throughout her journey and create our own blogs. We will then explore first hand recounts by writing a diary entry and exploring how to describe setting using descriptive language.

In maths this half term, children will be focusing on fractions, focusing on whole amounts and parts of amounts. We will also be exploring equivalent fractions and multiplying by fractions. For our outcome we will be using fractions to help us plan and construct a quilt, linked to our core text “The Patchwork Path’.

In science, we will continue to explore plants and we will be investigating how light and water affect plant growth.

In history we will be exploring the underground railroad in New York City and the lives of slaves and how some managed to overcome this and become free people.

In RE, we will be exploring the Christian religion, focusing on places of worship.

In art, we will be looking at the work of Evan Turk to create our own patchwork pieces by exploring print and layering. 

We will have PE sessions on Wednesdays where we will explore a range of games.


Oak Class

This term’s global theme is Identity and Diversity. Oak Class will be learning about the impacts of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination on our mental health. We will compare our own lives to the lives of people in Afghanistan, exploring gender stereotypes. We will apply this learning by creating badges with slogans that challenge stereotypes.

In English, we will be reading our new core text, ‘Boy in the Tower’ by Polly Ho-Yen, which explores the themes of identity and diversity. Children will develop an awareness of how to maintain positive mental health as well as how to overcome stereotypes. While exploring the text, we will be focusing on how to communicate effectively - through a range of media - about issues to suit the subject, audience and purpose. Throughout this term, we will be developing a range of skills to create a mindfulness session for KS1 classes, to help promote a healthy mind set.

In maths, Children will build upon their previous learning of multiplication and division and will use a range of methods, such as pictorial, concrete and abstract to demonstrate their understanding. We will be introducing a range of strategies to solve a variety of problems including multiplying 3-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers and dividing 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers, using both the short written method and the expanded written method. During this term, we will also be converting different units of measurement and developing our reasoning skills, solving multi-step word problems; helping to secure and deepen our understanding.

In science, we will be learning about Earth and space. In art we will be exploring the work of artist Paul Catherall. We will use his work as inspiration to create collages of buildings and landscapes. In RE, we will be learning about Christianity. Our whole-class reading sessions will be based on texts from a range of sources, all linked to the theme of identity and diversity. In PE, we await government guidance as to when we can resume our swimming lessons.


Elm Class

This half term, Year 6’s learning will be based our core text ‘Ghost Boys’ by Sharon Jewell Parker Rhodes. We will continue to explore segregation in America and how influential people tried to bring around change. Through this text, we will be challenging our pupils in a variety of ways, through problem solving, reasoning and hands on learning that will result in high-quality learning outcomes.

We will have a history focus to our learning this term around our global theme of peace and conflict.  The children will explore the legacy slavery left behind and Britain’s paradoxical positioin of being a leading light in the abolition movement but also a country who relied heavily of the products of slavery in order to produce its wealth. The children will also consider how Britain needed help from citizens of ex-slave colonies, like Jamaica and other Caribbean states, in order to rebuild after the Second World War and the impact that had on British life. They will produce a balanced argument at the end of term around the question, ‘Is skin colour and race still in issue in today’s society?’

In English, we will be reading a core text called “Ghost Boys” by Jewell Parker Rhodes.  The learning journey will focus on the themes of friendship, family relationships, bullying and peer pressure.  To begin the term, the children will be exploring the main characters and relationships and writing in role from different perspectives.  The children will then learn about persuasive devices and write a letter in role to one of the characters.  The children will then reflect on their own future aspirations and learn the skills they need to write a biography about Barack Obama, who is seen as a positive and influential role model by the main character in the narrative. They will use these writing opportunities to develop their voice as a writer and awareness of their audience, whilst simultaneously weaving in principles of sentence structures, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

In maths, the children will begin by continuing their learning about measurement covering area, perimeter and volume and using their knowledge to solve problems.  They will then be learning to solve problems involving ratios. Finally, the children will be learning about finding rules to solve algebraic equations.   Children will develop their reasoning skills and continue to focus on their times table and arithmetic skills.

In RE, we will be learning about Christian celebrations and the children will be making connections to celebrations in their own lives and other religions.

In science, the children will be learning about ‘light’. They will consider how light travels, how it reflects off objects to enable us to see them and how shadow is the absence of light. The children will then look at how light travels through objects and investigate how the distance of an object from a light source will affect the size of the shadow it casts.

In art, our topic is entitled: “Love where you live”.  During this term, children will be using photography and observational drawing to create a collage to celebrate their local community with links to local artists.

In PE, we shall be learning the basics of tag rugby outdoors by playing team games to introduce the concept. Indoors, the children will continue their journey in building their fitness by getting involved in a ‘boot camp’, completing circuits and devising ways to increase their heart rate.

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