Elaine Education Centre

Ash Class

In English, we will be reading “The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse” by Charlie Mackesy. Children will begin by exploring the concept of positive thinking, before identifying the characters thoughts and feelings. As the term progresses, children will be generating descriptive language using the five senses to help create vivid imagery for the reader. They will then publish an informal letter to themselves from the point of view of the main character in the story, in order to reflect upon what they have learnt. 

Within maths, children will consolidate their knowledge of place value this term in order to identify, estimate and order 3-digit numbers. They will then be using concrete, pictorial and abstract representation to be able to count forwards and backwards in steps of 50 and 100. As the term progresses, we will be using arrays to solve multiplication problems. Towards the end of term, children will be identifying ½, ¼ and 1/3 of shapes and numbers, before beginning to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Finally, our end of term outcome involves utilising these skills in order to follow a recipe and make a fruit salad.   

In science, we will be learning about rocks. We will focus on how rocks are formed and testing rocks for different uses.

In history, we will be researching the stone age. We will be looking at their architecture, use of tools and how that impacts us today.

In art, we will be exploring the art work of both Andy Goldsworthy and Melissa McKinnon. We will be exploring natural landscapes and imagery, specifically trees. We will be exploring a variety of media with the focus of creating textures and lines.


Oak Class

This term, the children will be following a recovery curriculum where children will re-establish routines, core expectations and the core values we uphold for our communities. The children will reflect on their own personal experiences of their time in lockdown, creating high quality pieces of work which will be showcased in our ‘Museum of Hope’, an exhibition which will be shared virtually with the school community.

In English, we will be reading our new core text, ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy, which explores the themes of friendship and hope. Children will develop an awareness of how to show courage and love in difficult times; they will also understand the importance of being kind, creating friendships and building personal resilience. Throughout this term, we will be developing a range of skills to create a free verse poem and a narrative based on the key themes of the book.

Within maths, the children will be focusing on place value and building upon their previous learning of column method addition and subtraction. They will use different methods, such as pictorial, concrete and abstract to demonstrate their understanding of these operations. They will also build upon their understanding of estimating and rounding. Following this, the children will then go on to looking at identifying equivalent fractions and converting mixed numbers in to improper fractions.

During our science learning journey, we will be learning about ‘Sound’, looking at how sound travels as well as the variables that affect volume and pitch.

In art, we will be creating a split landscape canvas in the style of Claude Monet, focusing on the characters from our core text.

Children in Oak class in should bring in their swimming kits on a Friday. They will have swimming lessons every Friday. Children will also be using dance, drama and spoken word as a form of expression to portray their feelings and thoughts of their time during lockdown. We will then showcase these in the ‘Museum of Hope’ exhibition.

To support their learning at home, there are a range of activities in the children’s Home Learning books. Please encourage your child to choose one of the activities to complete each week. Children have also been given books to read at home. We ask that you listen to you listen to your child read at least three times per week. Please sign their reading records and return them to school each day.


Elm Class

During Autumn 1, we will be following a recovery curriculum where it will initially prioritise re-establishing core routines, core expectations and the core values we uphold for our communities. We will hold true to our belief in excellence for all pupils and will maintain a focus on delivering high-quality learning outcomes. We will explore themes which help us explain the past 6 months. This term, all learning will be celebrated through ‘A Museum of Hope Exhibition’, a physical exhibition for children to explore learning across the school, which will be shared with our community virtually.

Our core text is ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox & The Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy in English.  We will be learning to infer meaning from a text and evaluating the choices the author has made.  We will then write an advice letter in the role of Charlie Mackesy to respond to a problem with empathy and using a range of formal devices. Later on in the term, we will also be generating descriptive vocabulary and children will develop their knowledge and understanding of spelling and various punctuation and grammar techniques in order to write a first-person narrative, focusing on ‘returning to the new normal.’

In art, we will learn explore the impact of colour in order to create split art outcomes focusing on despair and hope, incorporating sketches in the style of Charlie Mackesy. In DT, children will collaborate to create a collective sculpture based on Andy Scott’s Beacon of Hope. In the wider arts, children will explore the idea of hope through interpretative dance, drama and music. These will be combined to create live performances during the museum.

In maths this half term, our main focus will be on place value, addition and subtraction.  There will be a focus on using and applying this knowledge to solve problems in a real-life context. The children will also develop their skills in arithmetic including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and finding fractions and percentages of amounts through daily practice.

Our whole class reading sessions will be based on the text ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ where children will develop their retrieval, inference, prediction, summarising and clarifying skills. PE will take place on a Wednesday this term; this will involve working with an outside coach on developing skills across a range of sports. During our science learning journey, we will be learning about living things and their habitats, focusing on animal classifications. In order to support children back into “normal” school life after months of partial school closures, we will also be undertaking additional well-being sessions. These will include sessions on feelings, relationships, mindfulness and bereavement.

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