Homework is a key expectation of children attending Elaine Primary Academy. Both Literacy and Maths homework are set on a weekly basis


  • Daily Reading - reading records are collected and checked everyday
  • Spellings - these may be a list of words or may be an oral piece of work
  • Written work - this may linked to a grammar task ir something that your child has learned that week
  • The written piece of work is usually set on a Friday and due in the following Monday.


  • Consolidation work > reviewing what your child has leant that week
  • Insight work > focused on something that your child may be learning in the forthcoming week

Class teachers may also set additional homework based on Topic.

If you have any queries about your child's homework or wish to know how you can better support them at home, please contact your child's class teacher. Additional resources that you may find useful to support your child at home can be found in the Links section of the website.